Back to the Black Forest, Germany

I have this continuing relationship with this area where I enjoy painting in the countryside – so different from the south of New Zealand! This trip was combined with a few community workshops, one of which was question and answer sessions with students at Mathilde PlaMonika's schoolnck Schule in Lorrach – a school similar to a NZ polytechnic.  They were particularly interested in the fact that I was a full time woman artist as it is very hard to make a living in the arts in Germany.

The students were also interested in New Zealand, the culture and the lifestyle of young people.  They were intrigued that young people in NZ had cars…..

Another community workshop was at the Frauenberatung Centre, a place where women come for individual therapies that often include art.  I worked with a therapist and her client on developing different creative techniques to explore different emotions.

At Mieke's work

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