Recent Artist in Residence

At present I’m at Macandrew Intermediate School, Dunedin, New Zealand, as an Artist in Residence. I have an open door policy with the students and staff, in my classroom/studio where I produce my work for my upcoming exhibitions. My latest studio work is based on Dutch journeys to New Zealand in the 1950’s for an exhibition at Salisbury House Gallery.

The annual Snail Mail Exhibition is in the process of being organized again for 2008. Artists can send work of a post card size to be included in the exhibition. Proceeds of the sale of the post card gets split 50% to the Artist and 50% to Artquest, which helps to bring the Arts to the students of Macandrew Intermediate. Contributions to Snail Mail should be sent to the school by August 15th. Opening night is August 22nd at the school, and it runs for three weeks.

For any more information about Snail Mail,  Janet de Wagt Art Purchases or Community Art projects – have a look on the ‘Contact’ page to contact Janet.

P.S. I’m still collecting plastic, old cars and doing up my 1950’s caravan. X